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The Los Angeles Sunshine Coalition works through education, advocacy, litigation, and activism to expand local government transparency in and around the City of Los Angeles.

We don't follow leaders and we watch our parking meters. We don't collect dues and we have nary a bylaw. We meet when we feel like it either in subgroups or as a whole. We talk to one another about CPRA requests in LA, give advice, share stories, and plan initiatives. Lately we've moved into legislative activism.

If you know someone in LA who's obsessed with the CPRA they might already be a member and you can ask them about joining up. If not drop us a line at and we'll be in touch at some point. If you have questions or information about the CPRA in Los Angeles we're interested!

Current Projects

Signed by the governor on October 9, 2021!!

Senate Bill 274 (2021) was introduced by Senator Bob Wieckowski on January 29, 2021. It would amend the Brown Act to require local agencies that are already using the Internet to use email to send agendas and board packets to members of the public on request. Presently the law only requires postal mail and, as you can imagine, some agencies use this loophole to torment dissidents.

If you and/or any organizations you're involved in want to support the bill, please send a letter to staffer Francisco Montes. Also, take a look at our toolkit, which has a one page fact sheet, instructions, and some sample letters.

𐀤 SB274 Support Toolkit

𐀤 SB274 Official webpage

Lawyers interested in taking CPRA cases

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