2021 Legislative agenda


Signed by the governor on October 9, 2021!!

Senate Bill 274 (2021) was introduced by Senator Bob Wieckowski on January 29, 2021. It would amend the Brown Act to require local agencies that are already using the Internet to use email to send agendas and board packets to members of the public on request. Presently the law only requires postal mail and, as you can imagine, some agencies use this loophole to torment dissidents.

If you and/or any organizations you're involved in want to support the bill, please send a letter to staffer Francisco Montes. Also, take a look at our toolkit, which has a one page fact sheet, instructions, and some sample letters.

𐀤 SB274 Support Toolkit

𐀤 SB274 Official webpage

This bill would require legislative bodies subject to the Brown Act to continue remote access to meetings after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. It would also require translation services for the most commonly spoken non-English languages in each jurisdiction. If you follow Los Angeles municipal politics at all you know that despite the unspeakable horrors of 2020 being able to comment at public meetings via Zoom or phone has changed everything. We must retain this ability!

If you or any organizations you're involved with want to support the bill, please send your letter to staffer Allison Lim. Also, take a look at our toolkit, which has a one page fact sheet, a copy of the LASC letter, the text of the bill, and a sample letter written by legislative staff.

𐀤 AB339 Support Toolkit

𐀤 AB339 Official webpage

This bill would create a state level Public Records Ombudsperson Office with the power to review CPRA requests denied by state-level agencies and if found wrongful to require their release. It would also authorize the CPRA Ombudsperson to charge the cost of the process back to the offending agency.

𐀤 AB343 Official webpage

This bill would expand the list of reasons requiring the release of police personnel records to include sustained findings of membership in hate groups or doing hate group activities. It would also require pre-certification background checks of peace officer candidates to include membership in hate groups and hate group activities.

𐀤 AB655 Official webpage

This well-intentioned but fatally flawed bill would require local agencies to provide remote participation even after the pandemic ends. This is fine, but it's already covered by the much more robust AB339. This bill goes dangerously wrong by also ending the requirements that a quorum of a legislative body meet within their jurisdiction, that agendas be posted at all teleconference locations, and that teleconference locations be open to the public.

Without these requirements we'd soon see smaller legislative bodies, e.g. business improvement districts and charter schools, going completely remote with no opportunity to attend in public. Not only would this facilitate already rampant Brown Act violations, but it would effectively end access to meetings for people without computers or smartphones.

𐀤 AB703 Official webpage

𐀤 LASC Opposition Letter